Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Disclaimer: There are no pictures in this post! I am on my way out the door for kindergarten orientation. ;) I'm gearing up for a major, major picture post tomorrow, stay tuned!

I just had to share a bit about our day. A quick background- Neily has been nothing but happy- even aloof sometimes- about starting kindergarten, like she'd been ready for years. I had a quiet moment alone with her at one point yesterday and I sat her in my lap and we were talking about kindergarten and how I couldn't believe she was heading off to school. I said, "Have you had fun staying home with me so far? Do you think I did a good job being a mommy?" (loaded question) She politely said yes, and I told her, "I am really going to miss you!" I must have pushed a button, because that got the tears flowing (hers, not mine!) and she got very upset, saying how much she was going to miss me and didn't want to go. This morning, Neily had her kindergarten tour at 9:30 this morning, so Jack went to play with his buddy while I took her in to school to meet her teacher. On the way in to school, she got very quiet- unusually quiet. She would not let go of my hand, and she was very shy talking to the teachers.
They did a quick assessment, asking some questions to gauge each kindergarteners understanding of certain skills. The first question she was asked was "Why do we wash our hands?" They are trying to determine if they understand why, when, where, etc. SILENCE. Complete and utter silence from Neily! Apparently we have never explained why it's important to wash your hands. ;) She finally said, "I don't know." She quickly perked up and answered the rest of the questions flawlessly and her teacher told me later that she was sure she was just being shy. I told her to enjoy it, because that was the last time she would ever see Neily acting *shy* and we had a good laugh. On the way out, Neily was back to normal, jumping and skipping and telling me all about how happy she was. Then she said, "I don't think I'm gonna miss you now, that's going to be too much fun!"
Oh! My heart! ;) I've known from the day she was born that Neily was just different and she was ready to fly away. She's independent and very confident that she can handle anything, she has made it hard to worry about her! I always knew we'd have to let her fly, but it has certainly happened a little faster than I thought.

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