Friday, August 22, 2008

Neiliy's fourth year

So... I just realized after uploading an entire set of pictures that I have screwed something up in my timeline, but this has been way too time consuming to figure it out, so just enjoy the pictures. LOL! This is Neily's 4th birthday to her 5th birthday. :)

Happy fourth birthday Neily! She requested Strawberry Shortcake. For her birthday, she got a Leapster and a Fisher Price camera. The camera lasted about a week, and the Leapster is still a favorite nearly two years later!

Grandma gave her tickets to the aquarium for her birthday, which was a huge hit! She had her face painted while we were there. Fancy, huh?

In June, we hit the beach of Chicago! The kids looooooooove this and ask when we're going back nearly once a week!

And she was a flower girl for the first time for Aunt Amanda!

And by the time Aunt Lindsay's wedding rolled around, she was a pro. ;)

Our second 'first day of school!' She was a big kid now and there were no worries marching into school!

We learned how to tailgate this year... and made new friends. ;)

First year she was able to stay up until midnight for the ball drop on New Year's Eve! Crazy kid!

She made her own Valentines this year, we took her picture and she glued them all together.

Happy fifth birthday Neily!

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