Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jack the comedian?

I took Jack to school today to meet his teacher for this year. He is going to the same school and will be in the same classroom, but has one new teacher. Luckily, he still has Ms. Cain and Mrs. Owen, which made him really excited.
We met Mrs. Carson today, who seems very nice. We'll definitely miss seeing Miss Katie every day, she really *got* Jack. Let's hope Mrs. Carson can keep up with him, she seems very quiet! And we know that Jack... is not.
Anyway, Jack seems to be a bit of a celebrity at school. EVERYONE on the summer staff remembered him and wanted to say hello and hear about his summer. Jack hasn't talked about school much this summer, honestly, but the second we pulled into the parking lot, he was chatting away all about it, so I know he'll be happy to go back. He just has a one track mind.
As we were leaving, he ran into another group of the teachers from a different class, and they asked if he was ready to get back to school. Then they asked if he was up for more tricks this year. Miss Kelly informed me that she and Jack used to play tricks on Miss Lisa by putting sticks and leaves on her seat when she got up. LOL! He thought it was HYSTERICAL, and couldn't wait to do it again. Goofy kid!

Oh, and on a side note, third day of school and we nearly missed the bus. LOL! I was walking Neily up to the bus stop at what I *thought* was ten minutes early only to see the bus start to pull away. I told Neily not to worry, it was the intermediate bus, but nope! It wasn't! Luckily our neighbors held the bus for us but Neily had to RUN. Apparently, the drivers 'told' the kindergarteners to tell moms and dads that the bus would now be coming 15 minutes earlier. And they were surprised that they didn't remember?! In any case, I felt sad all morning because I hadn't gotten to kiss her goodbye, but she seemed to make it through just fine. Come to find out that the entire rest of the neighborhood missed the bus, so I guess we did okay after all. LOL!

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