Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So, not only did I jump on the blog bandwagon, I jumped on the petticoat bandwagon as well. I've wanted some for a while and found a great deal. Neily was SO excited each day waiting for the mail, and they finally arrived today. Turned on some High School Musical songs for her and the party really got started. I'm guessing I have a good week of bribe-free picture taking with this petti until the fun wears off and it's back to begging/offering ice cream for each shot.
So, not to be outdone, Jack took one look at the petticoat and decided he HAD to have it. How could I say no to that face?
I couldn't. Plus, it's GREAT blackmail. All I could think about while I snapped these photos and listened to Jack say, "I'm a girl! I'm a girl, I'm a beautiful girl!" was how happy he was in that moment- and how completely angry he would be the day I pull them out to show the future Mrs. Jack Pennington. ;)

Anyway- cute, aren't they? No, I meant the petticoats. ;)


homebodyatheart said...
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homebodyatheart said...

i must say, you have the most beautiful children!

but i might be prejudiced, they are my grandchildren!