Thursday, August 7, 2008

Girls Night Out! (of a different variety)

So, sweet Neily decided that to celebrate moving up to kindergarten, we should have a Girls Night Out with her best girlfriends. Worked for me, too, since her best girlfriends mommies are MY best girlfriends! We started off at Toot's for some frog legs (just kidding!) and then surprised the girls with a trip to the Mad Potter, a paint your own pottery store. They were in heaven! After we closed the place down, we decided the only way to top off the night was with a trip to Graeters. Neily stepped outside of the box and ordered chocolate chip cookie dough- she was not disappointed! I stuck to my tried and true butter pecan. Katina was a little concerned about why mine was so yellow, she actually thought it was some sort of lemon ice cream. Nope- that just tells me that Graeters knows their stuff and probably uses REAL butter! ;)
We have been friends with these two sweet girlies and their moms since the girls were in diapers. They shared first days of preschool, swim lessons, play dates, baby brother troubles and now it's off to kindergarten. Sad for mommies, but exciting for them. I wonder if we'll have a picture of the three of them in cap and gowns some day?!
I think they were excited... what do you think?
And HEY- how did THIS happen? I thought the girls were supposed to do this!


homebodyatheart said...

nana cannot believe neily is going to kindergarten. i remember like it was yesterday the day her mommy went to school for the first time. now nana's little granddaughter is on her way.

i love you, neily!

Darby said...

What a fun idea!