Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mickey, here we come!

How darn cute am I? Aren't I talented?! I know, I know. Hold the applause. ;) I was making fun of- er... watching- I was watching Martha Stewart one morning and she was making these REALLY cute appliqued t-shirts and I decided Neily and Jack HAD to have one! They were made with Amy Butler fabrics, my fave, and then I got the idea to do customized Mickey tees for our trip in a few weeks. I set out to make some for the kids, and then remembered I already had some Amy Butler fabric in my stash, so I made one for myself as well. I didn't have the best print for mine, but it looks cute anyway. I love the classic Mickey for the kids! Although I just realized I made Jack's shirt white. Oy. What was I thinking?! He's going to need a spare. ;) Eddie didn't put in a request for a cool shirt at first, but now I think he wants one and won't admit it. He has worse Mouse Fever than I do, in fact, he was the brains behind this whole trip! I found a *cool* man fabric... even a little indie looking. I think he'll wear it. Maybe we shouldn't all wear them the same day, though. LOL!


Lindsay said...

Those are SO CUTE! I love them!
haha... I was thinking the same thing though-- don't wear them at the same time! :) (at least not you and Eddie!!!)
Love you!

Darby said...

First, I say you better all wear them on the same day, you are WDW and anything goes and they will make for great photos !

Second, I want detailed instruction on how to do it, i did them for our trip Fan 07 but your are WAY more cute!