Saturday, August 16, 2008

One fish, two fish

What a summer we've had! I feel guilty (don't all moms?) now that summer is coming to an end, but when I look back, I think we spent the summer in just the right way! Maybe I didn't plan out a curriculum for them each day or teach Neily to read (although she did it for herself!) but we did what really counts- we spent a lot of time together and did what they really wanted to do. That usually included the pool! They were happy- ecstatic!- most days to get up and take a picnic lunch to the pool, that was usually the request I received.
At the start of the summer, we had one little boy who shall remain nameless that would NOT get in the pool to save his life. He cried. He whined. He was shaking because he was so afraid. We ended the summer with half boy/half fish! We plan to protect his privacy so that when he one day shatters Michael Phelps' Olympic records, he won't ever be ratted out as a kid who didn't like the water at one point. ;)

I'm pretty sure that Neily was born part mermaid, as she has ALWAYS taken to the water and been happier there than anywhere else. A few swim lessons and she is at a whole new level. She loves to flip underwater, do handstands, and show off how she can swim the length of the pool. I think I see swim team in our future. ;)

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homebodyatheart said...

take it from the mommy guilt queen, lose those sneaky little guilty thoughts that creep into our minds and spoil the fun. at the end of every summer i used to feel so bad that i didn't do every thing just right for you guys (i am sure you remember the summer that the local school had once a week crafts under a shady tree on the playground and i didn't take you two out of the six weeks). now emily is ready to return to college after a very fun filled (too much fun) summer doing exactly what she wanted to do, and here comes that guilt again. will it ever end?