Thursday, August 21, 2008

Neily's second year

Neily was so cute and funny at this age. She had her first pet, Ishy the Fishy, who would. not. die. I guess he finally did, because he's not here anymore... but I honestly can't remember what happened to him! She loved Ishy more than anything!

This was the summer of the cicadas out in Indiana, DISGUSTING! Thanks to Emily to introducing them to Neily at a young age and showing her how gross they really were!

Baby Jack joined the family in July and Neily didn't exactly welcome his presence. She never acted out against us or him, but she blatantly ignored him for the first few months of his life. Once he started to touch her and talk to her, the fun began and Neily didn't want him anywhere near her! Jack of course has always adored Neily, and she's finally coming around. ;)

See? Always a fish!

And has NEVER loved the snow. It's gotten better since this picture was taken, but ooooh boy! This was the big snowstorm of 2004- three days before Christmas and we were completely snowed in! Of course we weren't finished with all of our shopping and because of that, we are now early birds, vowing that will never happen to us again! This was also the year that our heater decided it was quitting on us. Two days before Christmas. We pulled out of the driveway on Christmas Eve and waved to the HVAC guys who were intalling a new one for us in time for Christmas. That was our gift to each other that year.... *sigh*

Neily's second birthday! She was in LOVE with Dora, so we surprised her with a whole Dora theme. I always hated themey bday parties, but for the family parties, it's too much fun to watch their face light up, so I just go with it each year. We set everything up during her nap. I'll never forget the look on her face when she came downstairs!

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