Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Our" new baby....

Lots of posts from us today. :)
Today Mackenzie came to visit and for the first time, she brought along her brand new baby sister Kiley! Kiley had her share of fans today, everyone wanted to hug and kiss and hold her! She laid on the blanket for a good 30 minutes just cooing and giggling at all of her adoring fans.
I think having Kiley here is going to be a very welcome addition. Jack and Neily LOVED her and it's fun having a baby around (hopefully just fun enough that I am happy to kiss her goodbye and send her on her way at 5 o'clock!). Neily is very certain that she can care for her better than I can, but I didn't expect her to have to be reminded so often to be gentle. She is just convinced that she is strong enough to pick her up and walk her around, and I think she gets surprised by her size sometimes! Kiley loved Neily, she was the first person she laughed at this morning. Jack, on the other hand, has surprised me by being very gentle with Kiley, sitting with me while I feed her and stroking her hair. He put her right to sleep and was very interested in her tiny hands and feet.

Miss Mackenzie was the second little one I ever photographed, and that little stinker would not take one picture for me back in May. She very politely told all of us 'No, no pictures!' and went about her business. Today, I pulled out my camera expecting tears from her and I was surprised to hear a little voice say, "Cheeeeeeeeeese! Cheeeeese, Miss Liz!" I love that little stinker!


homebodyatheart said...

this baby is beautiful, but wouldn't it be nice to have a new pennington baby for jack and neily to play with?


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