Friday, January 9, 2009

So, I managed to stay home every day this week until Friday. That is a major accomplishment and to say that I enjoyed it is even bigger! But it's true, we had a great week- I even cooked dinner- real dinner!- every night. But, I woke up this morning and knew I needed to get out. However, I really, truly wasn't in the mood to spend money (what's happened to me?) but I was kind of the mood to create something, so I knew it was a thrift store kind of day.
First, Jack and I hit Hobby Lobby, where as Jack will tell you, "Hobby Lobby has everything we need!" Poor kid. As I was getting him out of the car, I remembered I had a gift card from Christmas for Hobby Lobby! I was almost giddy. I ended up with a good haul of stuff. I had this old headboard in the basement that I walk by every day and think, "I'm going to recover that one day!" Well, today was the day. An hour and $12.43 later, I have me a new headboard, folks! We got home at 11, and by the time Neily got off the bus at 11:40, the project was done. It was THAT easy. I was actually eyeing a leather headboard but this turned out to be much better suited for the room, so yay!
*Excuse the lumpy bed, Henry jumped off right before I snapped the photo!*

A little closer look at the fabric, if you care. Just wait until you see what I have in mind for the remnant of this fabric!

THEN, we hit my favorite thrift store, where I spent all of $18 to get all of these beautiful items. I thought Eddie was going to vomit when he saw them, it was like an 80s living room had exploded but it's going to be fabulous! The best find was hands down the chandelier. I am not very good at waiting and searching, but I knew if I was patient (so! hard!) I would eventually find the right one. I wasn't worried about painting it the correct color, but my biggest requirement was that the lights point UP so I could put shades on them. Everything I found over the last few months went down, how annoying! Thanks to sweet Jack who spied this one for me, "Mommy, the lights go UP!" I spray painted it black and can't wait to see the final product. As for the rest of it... you'll just have to wait and see!

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The Skwiat Family said...

Love It!!!! I love the thrift stores! We also have a place here called the Recycle/Reuse Center (b/c is AA is all about being green etc.) and it is a huge warehouse full of stuff people drop off after weekend garage sales etc. or just junk they don't want (i.e. old doors, cabinets, furniture, toys etc.) Love it! It has become an addiction for me. In our first house we painted a the same chandelier (brass) black and got new turned out great! Good luck!