Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a happy new year. We had a fun week here and I am truly sad to see the holiday season come to an end. The kids head back to school tomorrow- I am sad to see our little family vacation come to and end but I'm craving normalcy and schedule again. Surprising, huh? We had a really great time over the last two weeks. We rang in the new year with our friends and neighbors the Robinsons. We ate way too much and let the kids run wild. We laughed that only the truest of friends could have partied like we did- all of us laying on the couches like bums making fun of the latest pop stars and reminiscing about Dick Clark. My kind of night out! ;) On New Years Day, both Penn State and UC played in bowls, so we had planned a party. It was a full house and way too much food to cheer on Joe Pa! The kids looked super cute decked out in their Mini Nittany Lion t-shirts but all the roses and navy blue we had in the house were not enough to make it through. We had high hopes for UC later in the night but I'm not sure exactly who that was on the field that night? Certainly not UC. *Choke, choke* Luckily, we had awesome friends to soften the blow for us. The house sounded empty for a good day after everyone left. Haha!

Now that we're back in the swing of things, I have some goals for the new year! I'm not a New Years Resolutions kind of girl, but this year I had some definite changes I was ready to make. Over the last year, we got quite a bit accomplished in the house- I tossed clutter and crap left and right, we paired down and nearly every room got a makeover. Over the last year, this really became a space I love... save the fact that I want to expand every room by about 4 feet! I realized that it may not be perfect, and it certainly isn't big, but every single room is one that I love and reflects us as a family. So, that led to goals for the new year! I'm putting them here because putting it in writing will keep me accountable. ;)
They are... in no particular order:
1. Continue to 'finish' projects around the house

2. Look my best ever on my 30th birthday- I have seven months!

3. Stay HOME and enjoy it! I would say after this last two weeks, I'm well on my way. Yoga pants are my friends.

4. Spend more thoughtfully- go for quality and things I really love and want, not mindless spending. This is hands down going to be my toughest goal, a direct combination with #3!

5. Grow my business and learn new skills.

6. Spend quality time with Neily and Jack every day.

7. Keep our master bathroom vanity clean. Every single day. Oy.

8. Organize my time more efficiently.

9. Continue to grow friendships that are important to me.

10. Be really, really happy with the way things ARE.

So that's it, that is my list! Those are the things I think I need to work on the most and we'll see if a year is enough time. Hahahahahahaha!


Lindsay said...

I really like your list :) I am with you on all of them... and what the plan for your 30th bday? We need to start thinking about that!!!

The Skwiat Family said...

Great post! You have inspired me to make some resolutions of my own and I am not one to do that either, but I think this year has changed me? I wish I would have made a resolution for my 30th....I let it pass w/o a celebration. Good Luck with your list! Happy New Year!