Friday, January 9, 2009

Festival of Lights!

This holiday season, we FINALLY made good on our goal to go down to Festival of Lights at the zoo. When we had a pass, we somehow managed not to get down there, and last year because of our busy summer and the kids schedules, we didn't renew. Mamaw and Grandpa Doug had passes for us, so we headed down. It was FREEZING the night we chose to go, but we had a great time. This was the first time we made this type of trip (mall, zoo, amusement park) without a stroller, it was so weird! Jack is just so much easier in a stroller and he doesn't fight it, so whenever we go somewhere like this, we've just always taken it. We felt like we had forgotten something all night! It was nice, not having to figure out where to park it, not running people over... but there was also nowhere to stow your crap and certainly quite a few extra "Jack, please watch where you're going"s that night.
Just a few from that night- I find pretty much no enjoyment in being fancy at picture taking in the dark and I hate my flash, so I didn't even use it much.

Love this one!

Neily riding the carousel!

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The Skwiat Family said...

We went through the same stroller thing with Elle....I think it was more me hanging on to the stroller b/c now where am I going to put my purse? I do miss the fact it carried all of our crap, but all good things must come to an end ;)