Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Cream

It was going to bug me until I got the rest of the pictures, so here they are!
This was a recipe from a friend who felt sorry for us all cooped up. Thanks Dana! It was a HUGE hit.
Very easy- gather up some *clean* snow ;) Then in a bowl mix about a cup of milk, 1/2 cup of sugar, and a tablespoon of vanilla. Then add snow until it's the correct consistency. We used about a full bucket of snow (although I knew better and scooped equally from the buckets of BOTH kids). It was still pretty soft, but I don't think it was getting better than that. We added chocolate and yum! It was very tasty, but I couldn't finish mine. I couldn't get past knowing that it was snow and it just wasn't that appetizing to an adult. The kids were in hog heaven!
Gathering up their buckets of snow- I gave strict instructions on where the snow should come from and watched very carefully. With a dog in the family now, there is no such thing as too careful. ;)

All set!

Yum! We had to add chocolate syrup, it just didn't seem right without it.

As usual, Jack approves!
And just a quick view from the backyard- the sky was blue and beautiful and I thought all the snow covered trees looked really pretty. But every day I'm stuck looking at them, they're slightly less beautiful. By Sunday, I might consider chopping them all down!

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Christi said...

Liz, I have been making snow ice-cream since I was 11. It was something we looked forward to. My kids love it! It looks like your monkey's had a blast!