Friday, January 23, 2009

A little more for ya

This is what I'm doing this afternoon.
Our dvr messed up last night and didn't record The Office. I knew I could watch it online, so I am doing that right now.
While the kids do THIS:

That's not even the best part. First, I turned their volume down really low so that I could hear the computer speakers. That's probably why they're sitting so close. Second, I took these photos with my phone and emailed them to myself so that I wouldn't have to move at all. ;)


Kelsy said...

Oh, you're making me feel so much better about the fact that we're doing the exact same thing today! lol

ep said...

You better have dinner ready when I get home woman!

Elizabeth said...

Kelsy, you have an excuse! ;)

Mr. Pennington, what has been my longstanding rule about Fridays? I think YOU'D better have dinner in hand when YOU get home, mister!

The Skwiat Family said...

Good use of technology! I like it!