Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day!

Today was a snow day! For once the weathermen were relatively spot on- although they couldn't be bothered to be totally correct as we have gotten actually DOUBLE the amount they said we would... but I suppose beggars can't be choosers, eh?
The kids were happy but Eddie was happier, he hopped out of bed to check at 5 am. Sadly, he had to go into work anyway, but got to come home early and won't be going in tomorrow, since they are just calling for more.
We had a really great day around here- we knew we were stuck in so I decided to be creative and make the best of it, which is not always easy for me!
We baked zucchini bread, mostly because I knew if I didn't, they would rot!

We made paper snowflakes, which was my kind of craft- super easy and kept them busy for nearly an hour.

I loved this shot- she was concentrating so hard and had that tongue just stuck out there. Totally looked like Daddy to me!
I'm not telling which ones I did.

Finally let them go outside! Lucky me, we forgot to put the screens back in the front windows after we took our wreaths down at Christmas, so instead of freezing my arse off outside, I sat in a cushy chair with the window propped open just a bit and gave my telephoto lens a workout.

Poor Sully wanted to go outside SO bad but I didn't trust the little bugger.

We also had a picnic lunch inside, which was totally the highlight of their day, who knew?
Looks like we'll be staying home tomorrow, which I can't guarantee will be as much fun for anyone. One day of being snowed in? Creative and fun! Two days in a row? Everyone gets cranky. Keep ya posted! ;)

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