Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Day!

We hosted Christmas Day at our house again this year, and this is a tradition that we LOVE. Staying home has allowed us to adopt some very special family traditions that I never want to give up! I think Santa was very good to Neily and Jack this year, as well as Mommy and Daddy. Santa dropped off our presents early, though- a camera upgrade for Mommy in November and a new tv for Daddy about two weeks before Christmas (Santa would have brought that but Mommy couldn't unload it from the car alone and I figured he would notice it in the van...).

Every Christmas Eve, we still have to put up a babygate because we don't trust that our kid wouldn't start without us a la Christmas Story.

Happy Jack with his Bendaroos... don't even get me started on these damn things. I can tell you where every Walgreens in a fifty mile radius is!

Neily and Tini Puppini- the dog that Santa brought EVEN THOUGH he really thinks it is disgusting and ugly.
Santa is really, really nice.

Every Christmas morning, we have a special breakfast of french breakfast puffs. The sole reason for making this a holiday tradition is because these puffs are so bad for you, it should be illegal to eat them at any other time. Only on Christmas when you can pretend it doesn't matter!
Jack testing out the Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
Emmy and Icky setting up Martian Matter with Jack. Another Santa score! ;)

Packaging! UGH! Why? WHY?

Icky playing Santa

Neily kicking butt on the Wii:

Jack doing what he does best:

Neily and Jack all cleaned up for Christmas!

Good night!!!!!

We had an amazing day. It was so much fun to have the house packed to the walls with the people we love. We didn't get Nana on the Wii, but we'll keep working on her. :)

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