Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Eve with the Coles

It was a Merry Christmas with the Cole family, as always. :) We headed to Larry and Donna's this year, which was such a treat! I am going to hire Larry one of these days to wave his magic wand over my house because I love what they have done to theirs! Just the basement alone, I have such jealousy! It is always fun to see everyone, and the White Elephant game was definitely the highlight for us!Doug looks like he wants to have his picture taken, eh?
Don't let Grumpa fool you... I saw him smile when no one was looking. ;)

Sweet Emma!

Santa arrived! We had told our kids in advance that Santa would be there and that this wasn't actually Santa- for a few reasons. One, Neily has been mighty suspicious this year and asked a lot of questions, sniff sniff. Two, this Santa brought presents from Grandpa and we wanted them to say thank you to him. Three, we have a strict policy that Santa only comes to our home. Mostly because we are selfish and one day want them to know how hard we worked, lol!
HOWEVER- I'm not sure that either kid believed that this was not in fact Santa. They were completely taken with him! Check out Jack's face in this one!
Neily was pretty excited for what was in that bag!

The best gift that Jack could ever have received! This snowman sings "Deck the Halls" in a rock style, and every morning since Christmas, we've awoken to the sound of Jack literally rocking out KISS style in his room with the snowman!

Liz's first White Elephant pick! Very useful for a 13 year old, no? Of course it was a hot steal though.

Jessie's gift
Eddie coming away with the most coveted win of all- a dinner of Grandma's famous spaghetti and meatballs that only Beth has been able to perfect!

Merry Christmas Cole family! We always have fun with this crazy group. :)

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