Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All kinds of material this week

Last night, we had a family movie night. We watched Horton Hears A Who (save yourself, don't!) and baked brownies. Yum! Half with powdered sugar, half without for some picky family members. ;)
Why does my living room look this way, you ask?

Well, Sully decided he wanted brownies too. He needed a late night snack on my WHITE couch. And any time I take the slipcover off, that equals party time for the kids and they've been busy making tents, jumping on things and just generally destroying the house.
I don't know WHY it didn't occur to me to snap a photo of the brownie destruction until it the evidence was gone. So sorry about that. The one bright spot is that I get to make an Ikea trip, because after a couple washes, I can see that all the bleach and detergent in the world is no match for brownies mixed with dog slobber.
Oh, and do you see a new piece of furniture in the living room? The dog crate? Yeah. Keep ya posted on that, but I'm not sure cleaning poo out of a crate is actually worse than coming home wondering what he's destroyed today. I don't need to hear any "I told you so's", my head is telling me already. Despite all of the demon's troubles, I still love him when I find this:

Gosh, must be a sugar crash after all of those brownies.

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