Sunday, January 11, 2009

Family "Fun"

We went to the gym this morning like good little boys and girls, and we took the kids to play on the soccer field when we were finished. Normally that would have been about it for a Sunday around here, but I had spent about 45 minutes on the elliptical without my iPod, and the local news kept running the same tickers about local happenings. After I saw "Kids skate free on Fountain Square" for about the 10,000th time, I thought, "We should do that!" Neily had actually seen it on the news last night and gotten all excited, and we kind of dismissed her, so I thought she'd get a kick out of it.
I asked Eddie if he wanted to go, and being a good sport, he said okay. He would never say, "Yeah, they'd love that, it would be fun!" I think it's because he's grumpy, but maybe it's because he's just smarter than me.
Ice skating, downtown on Fountain Square, awwww... we'll file this under "Things That Should Be Fun But Aren't." I am no pro skater, so there was no way I was taking my camera down there on the ice, but I knew I would want pics, so we took Neily's camera. It's some kind of Kodak from 1876, so please excuse the quality. ;)
In the end, it WAS actually fun. Sort of. The first thirty seconds on the ice were filled with, "WHY in the hell did I think we should do this?!" but it got better. And then it got worse. And then it got better again, and it was fun.

All ready to go:

We saw a LOT of this:
*Don't think badly of me for not helping him! I actually hit the button when he was standing and smiling, and the camera from 1876 has about a 3 minute shutter delay, so this is what I got! I wouldn't leave him laying on the ice on purpose. Well, I might, but this time I didn't!*

Neily was ready to give up after about a minute, but then she started to figure it out and really got the hang of it!

By the end of our time, she was actually skating for about 6 or 8 feet on her own before reaching for the wall, and she has asked to go back already!

Jack seems to have forgotten that he was mostly miserable and decided he wants to go back too. They're open until the end of February... we'll see! Maybe Daddy and Neily can go together!


Kelsy said...

lol I love the "Things That Should Be Fun But Aren't"! It looks like your kids got the hang of it better than I ever did! Cute pictures!!

ep said...

I know you didn't actually come right out and say that I was smarter than you, but you did put (in writing for the whole world to see) that you considered that I'm smarter than you. I'll consider that a victory and take it. ;-)