Monday, October 27, 2008

Five minute photo shoot!

I have an offer for a free canvas from a company that I do business with, and no offense, but I'm going to use it for myself! ;) I realized that all of my recent favorites... um, well, they are not of my own children! That's a little sad. Jack had picture day last week, and I realized about ten minutes before the bus got here that they were dressed in somewhat matching outfits. Since everyone was clean and coordinated, I dragged them outside to see if we could get a picture for a canvas. I'm not sure if any of these are huge hits, but they sure are cute! I do think the fall colors will look great on canvas! My vote is definitely for the first one, I think it's the most 'them'.
And btw, I am missing the Amazing gene. I feel very boring and uncreative lately. If anyone locates the Amazing gene, please give it to me!

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ejenda said...

adooooooorable :) so adorable