Monday, October 27, 2008

A boy and his dog

When Sullivan first came to our house, our vet played with him for a little bit and told us, "This will be the best gift you ever gave him," and pointed to Jack. He spoke very highly of the breed (or lack thereof I guess, given that he's a designer mutt!) and said that if he were to add another dog to his family, this would be his choice. He listened to a few of our concerns and was confident that Sullivan was a good, sweet natured dog who just needed a chance in a new home. He immediately squashed any fears that we should have about an aggressive nature. Sully had only been here for 3 days and was nipping at our hands quite a bit, so it was something we were concerned about. He was confident that it would pass with time, love and attention. In the weeks that Sullivan has been here, as he settles in, we realize more and more each day how right the vet was that day. This is seriously the BEST dog. He is so sweet and friendly- his only issue is that he's a little too friendly sometimes when you first come in! But we're working on it, and he's doing a lot better. All day, he naps at our feet and follows us from room to room. The little jingle of his collar is a sound that I've already grown very accustomed to hearing and I love the way his big brown eyes watch me move around. He loves the kids so much and is getting very protective of them. Eddie and Neily were playing last night and Sully thought that Neily was hurt, and Sully barked and barked until he saw that she was okay. He almost NEVER barks, so we knew he was upset. And he seems to have the impression that Henry, our 10 lb black cat who is scared of his own shadow, is the alpha male in the house. LOL! It is quite a sight. Henry growls and hisses any time Sullivan comes within a ten foot radius, and ONCE Sully got close enough for Henry to take a swipe (Henry is clawless, mind you). Sully hasn't been near him since, and when he hears Henry growl, he heads straight for the nearest corner and cowers like a scared little rabbit. Pretty amusing. Now Sully is so afraid of Henry that he won't go upstairs for anything! He is also quite the cuddler. He wants so badly to sleep on the couch with us, but that isn't going to happen. Jack laid on the floor watching a movie the other day, and Sully made himself right at home, snuggling up to Jack on their favorite blanket. :)
He's only been with us for about a month, but I can't believe this big mutt turned me into such a dog lover. Never in a million years would I have imagined myself laying down with a DOG! He has brought us so much happiness and I am so thankful that we found him and were able to give him a good home!


The Skwiat Family said...

I am so happy that your family has been blessed with such a great dog! I know how much it means to Elle to have old Keeli around....There is nothing like a bond between kids and their pets!

ejenda said...

:) i can't wait to meet sully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!