Sunday, October 19, 2008

Who's not allowed on the furniture?!

Mr. Sullivan is settling in very well, quite well, I'd say. Last night we let him sleep downstairs by himself (usually he is in our room under a watchful eye) and Eddie came down this morning to find him happily asleep on the couch. Uh-uh. No, no, pal. ;) This has been one of the big rules since he came home. Sullivan is no small fry, and climbing up on the couch is just not an option. As Eddie says, there is nothing worse than a big dog who thinks he's a little dog. Well, Sully is MOST unhappy in a crate, he has some separation anxiety and gets very upset- the first week we kept trying and he would get so upset he would poop and pee the second we left him. The vet told us to ditch the crate since he seemed perfectly happy and well behaved at all other times. Since doing that, we haven't had any accidents in the house and everyone seems happier. Well, apparently when we're not around, Sully is making himself right at home. He doesn't really try to get on the furniture when we're home, and it never occurred to me that the door would shut and he'd run straight for the couch, but apparently that's exactly what the little monster has been doing. For the past few nights, we've had SUCH a fight to get him to stay in our room, and now I know why, the little butthead wants to sleep in his OWN comfy bed downstairs. On my couch. *sigh* I see how easy it is to raise a crazy maniac of a dog even if you think you have the best intentions to raise a well behaved canine.
We headed out to Grandma's this morning to pick up the kiddos and he made himself right at home in the car, too:
Yes, that is Jack's carseat. He rode happily in the seat for quite a while. That is, before he decided he was going to get carsick and throw up on both sides of the minivan. Oh, boy. Well, what can I say? We (I) brought this on myself. It was either clean up a little dog poo and puke or give in to the urge to have another baby. And somehow, even a little dog puke didn't make me wish I'd opted for the 2 years of dirty baby diapers! LOL!

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ejenda said...

i CAN"T wait to meet him!!!!!!