Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Making some changes 'round here!

Jack is sitting next to me playing with Neily's dollhouse (poor boy doesn't have any of his own toys. YEAH RIGHT!) and he picked up a little toy broom and started to sweep with it. He started to put it in the daddy doll's hand and then he said, "Mom, is this what only Mom dolls use?"

Uh, NO. Honey, you have some chores to do when you get home! Love you and hurry home. ;)

Editing this because Eddie read it and told me, "It's okay, if there were little toy dollar bills, only the mommy would use those too."

He's seriously in for a long honey do list tonight.


The Skwiat Family said...

That is hysterical!

ejenda said...

hahah oh my goodness that is too funny.. especially because we're learning about gender roles in sociology, unfortunately, this goes right along wiht "the norm" oh jeeze.. lol.. ps.. i finally figured out my gmail account so i can leave comments now!