Monday, October 27, 2008

Sayonara, soccer!

Fall soccer came to an end over the weekend! I was actually really sad to see it end. Neily loves it so much and I just loved cheering her on. It has been fun, the transformation from a mom with 'little kids' into a soccer mom! Eddie and Phil did SUCH a great job coaching the kids, and they had some rough ones! I asked Eddie how practice had gone at one point over the season and he said, "Well, when we finally get the boys to stop punching and hitting each other, we can't get the girls to stop hugging and kissing!" A few of the boys on this team clashed to say the least- there were a few hot-headed little five year olds! Three of the four girls are in kindergarten together- and Neily and Natalie have known each other since they were in diapers! They certainly gave us some laughs over the season! I don't think I will ever forget hearing Phil yell, complete with his british accent, "Natalie, be SENSIBLE!!!" across the field during a game. And if I had a nickel for every time I heard Eddie yell, "Neily! LISTEN TO MEEEEEE!" I would be a rich woman. ;) I don't know if Eddie will coach again, but he and Phil did a great job!

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ejenda said...

lol ... i can imagine phil and eddie yelling those things! lol and i think its hilarious that they couldnt get the girls to stop kissign! lol