Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jack and his contractor buddies

We lost two of our favorite trees in the windstorm while we were in Disney World. And they weren't even kind enough to fall and grant us a new sunroom, which is the whole reason I'd left the one tree in the backyard in the first place! Hoping it would fall on my sunroom, I'd pay my deductible and voila! I'd have a new sunroom. LOL! Anyway, we had wonderful friends and neighbors who gathered together (ie the Beer and Chainsaw Gang) to chop down the rest of the trees, stack the brush and drag it all to the curb.
We patiently watched as the rest of Deerfield Township got their brush picked up, and we waited and waited (and waited) for them to make it to our street. Finally one afternoon, they came! And then we realized why they hadn't hit our house yet. We had a little more than the average homeowner, so just bringing the chipper wasn't enough. They showed up at the foot of the driveway with two dump trucks and a huge Caterpillar. Of course Jack was in HEAVEN and I let him sit on the porch to watch. The workers kept waving to him and he thought that was so cool. Had to grab this picture of the boy!
Isn't he cute?

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ejenda said...

awww :) this reminds me of wheni was little and used to be best friends with "the guys" that worked on our kitchen hehe