Friday, October 17, 2008

Shaw Farms Field Trip

This week, I went with Jack's class to Shaw Farms for a field trip. This has long been a family favorite of ours and we take the kids each fall. They are the BEST farm around, with a great, lengthy hay ride, pumpkins and gourds, a little shop and tons of things for the kids to do and climb on. Declan, one of Jack's friends, was in our group which made things very easy for me! The boys get along so well and how can you not love that hair of his?
Funny Jack, smoking some hay:
On the hay ride (and yes, I know he needs a hair cut! But if you know me, you know I have a hard time with this, no one does it RIGHT):
Digging through the sensory tables:

He requested this picture!
Spooky hay ride- this was so funny, the woods were all decorated with some pretty gross/scary Halloween figures. The boys on the hay ride were SO into it, pointing out each one and yelling, and the girls were all mortified and disgusted, could not WAIT for the hay ride to end. LOL!

We're hoping to take advantage of the fall weather (I can NOT go to the pumpkin patch in a tank top, it's against my religion!) and head back with the whole family this weekend or next. We're heading to Minges this weekend, so pictures to come!

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ejenda said...

aw, i wanna go to the pumpkin patch all together again :(