Friday, October 17, 2008

Time to rally!

We headed down to Fountain Square last night for the Vote Early/Rock Late rally downtown. You couldn't have paid us to miss the National playing in Cincinnati, the chance to hear Mr. November live three weeks from the election? No way! We probably would have gone even if the keynote speaker was Dubya. As it was, we got to stand in the freezing cold, being doused by the fountain every now and then and hear Natalie Portman speak, see some great video and listen to the best band on the planet. ;)

Here are Jason and Eddie (Ed?) sporting their Obama/Woxy gear:
One day I will learn and I will bring the right camera with me, right? It didn't even cross my mind to bring it along, and truthfully I thought we'd be SO far back in the crowd that it would be worthless. Luckily, I did at least have the camera with me, but all night I kicked myself for not having my favorite lens! When the show started, we were pretty far off to the side but still in the front of the pack. For whatever reason, people were leaving their spots now and then (likely to hit the beer tent, right?). Every time a spot opened up, we looked at each other and quietly stole it. Not sure what possessed people to leave, you couldn't have paid me a million dollars to give up my spot for the finale.

I wanted to kill the guy in the funny hat for being taller than me (which is hard to accomplish) and ruining all my shots, until he turned and I saw his button. ;) Of course this guy and I almost had it out at the end of the night when his friend decided to rush the stage and be an ass!

Mr. November:The crowd during the finale!
It's no secret we are Obama supporters, we've got the sign in the yard and the t-shirt to prove it (LOL!) but honestly, regardless of your political stance, this is an exciting time to be a young voter. We are making history every day and the world is changing- no matter what the outcome of the election is. It's amazing to teach our children about the world, and at the rally last night, I looked around and what I saw was really not a crowd of Obama supporters- it was a crowd of parents who want a better life for their children, students who want to make it through college, people who care about the world around them. Everyone believes that they know the best way to make that change happen, and that's okay. Difference in opinion is what makes the country amazing, and this IS history in the making.

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soo cool! great pics too!