Monday, October 6, 2008

Here he is!!! Our third child

Here is Rudy. I am trying SO HARD to get the kids to change his name to Sullivan, and they keep yelling, NOOOOO! I'm trying to tell them that we could call him Sully, isn't that cool? We'll see. Stay tuned. I know I rule here... if I start calling him Sullivan, ain't nothing they can do about it! LOL!
Anyway, Rudy Sullivan :) seems to be doing GREAT so far. He slept the entire way home from the rescue farm, and even braved a bath for us that night (he was SERIOUSLY dirty). He immediately took to Eddie and I, laying at our feet and following us around. He tucks his nose between your knees and lets you pet him. The first night, he jumped on us a lot, every time we stopped petting him, he went crazy and jumped up. When we started to pet him again, he would calm down. It took him a while to realize that we weren't going away and he would always have pets from us. Poor guy!
He is very friendly with the kids, but sometimes a little too friendly- he has jumped on Neily a couple times and given Jack's shirt a tug once or twice for a good romp. We are teaching him to SIT, which he seems to be understanding really easily. We'll try stay and come next. :) We met new friends on our walk last night with a gigantic Goldendoodle named Edgar, and the two boys made fast friends. Or frenemies, really, they went from romping and playing to growling and back to playing again. LOL! Edgar is a BIG boy but absolutely beautiful. We'll see if Rudy (Sullivan) can take him on in a year or two. Welcome home, Rudy Sullivan!


Darby said...

I can't believe you did it! Welcome home Ru... err Sullivan! :)

He's a cutie.

The Skwiat Family said...

I am so glad you did it! Dogs are the best companionship for a family!!! He is adorable. Someday, we will have to have Rudy/Sullivan meet Keeli. Congrats!