Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The kids ready to go!

Me, Jill (who thinks I won't post this because she screwed up the picture, but she is WRONG!), and Emily, rulers of the Wood Trail cul-de-sac.

Neily, Natalie, Emma!

Yummy party food- candy corn trail mix!

My mummy cups, too cute, I'm so crafty, aren't I?

Cutie pie Owen, concentrating on the candy corn race!

Happy Halloween! Halloween is a perfect example of why we love our neighborhood so much. Last year, Jill and I decided that our little cul-de-sac gathering had gotten such a good response that we should make it an annual Trails neighborhood party. Neily and Hannah helped me pass out all of our invitations and we had a GREAT time. The one flaw was my start time! LOL, I should have known that between Jill and I, we would never be ready at 4! We were no where close to ready when people started showing up- and truthfully, we expected to pass out invitations and see NO ONE. That was not the case, practically everyone in the neighborhood was there and there were gaggles of kids in costume. We played the spiderweb game, had candy corn races, and felt monster parts. Then the best part, the moms sent the dads out to trick or treat while we hung back and drank. I mean, passed out candy. ;) So next year, we promise to be on time, but all in all, it was a success and I hope everyone had a great time!

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