Monday, November 17, 2008

The Pennington Home tour

I've been saying I was going to do this for a long time (sorry Abby!) and I figured the house was as clean as it's going to get today so I went for it!

Welcome to the Pennington Homestead! Abby, I hope it looks completely different to you than when we moved in, lol! We bought this house 9 years ago with the idea that we would be staying for about 2-3 years. It had so many issues that by the time the 3rd year rolled around, we hadn't even started so we stayed. Then the kids were born and we decided it was REALLY time to go, so we put it on the market. I complained each and every day that I hated this house, but each and every day it was on the market, I cried. The thought of leaving was too much. I kept looking at all the special spots and all that we'd done- where the kids had taken their first steps, the things we'd chosen and installed ourselves... we couldn't do it. This was where we because who we are, our family. And of course the fact that the real estate market tanked made our decision easier, let's be honest here. Haha! So we stayed! And now, even though I desperately want more space, we love our neighbors and this place is growing on me. ;)

So- without further ado, welcome! This is our living room. I heart this room! It doesn't get used often so it stays pretty clean and I am always happy to see our family pictures (my kind of art) when I come home.
View #2 so that you can see my fun staircase. Eddie says he doesn't 'get' the black and white banister, but he can just learn to deal with it because I love it! Those are all of our favorite snapshots from over the years. My eyes land on a new picture each time I go up the stairs and it is usually one that makes me laugh.

Our dining room- when we redid our kitchen countertops, we actually had to start using this room. It was an office for a while when Mr. Jack was born. I miss that space but I love Jack more than my office. ;)

Next up, the kitchen. Oh this poor room. It was a God awful room when we bought it and it's starting to come around. The cabinets were (are still, I guess) this gross, dark wood- not pretty dark, but really ugly dark with bronze hardware. We painted them white the very day we moved in and it helped but they just never looked good. I kept seeing black cabinets in a magazine and everyone told me not to do it because it would be too dark. I didn't listen and picked up a paint brush at about 11 o'clock at night on a Friday last winter and I have been in love ever since! Ideally, we will rip these out (or move LOL) and replace, but they HAVE to be black when we do. Love it! We added the L area and have butcher block counters. The butcher block is cool and unique, but we plan to do granite tile over top of it and up the back wall.

View #2 so you can see my messy fridge. ;)

Our den- we LIVE in here. My neighbor and I painted it orange on a complete whim last summer and I love it. I think it was a perfect room for orange- there isn't much wall to be colored, so it's not overwhelming. Eddie says he just hopes I still like it in April. ;)

View #2 so that you can see my favorite thing in the whole house, my rug!

The sunroom that I waited for years for my Bradford pear tree to fall on so I could replace it. *sigh* When it finally fell, it missed the roof by mere inches and there was little damage. Dangit!

Let's go upstairs! Soon, this carpet will be outta here and all the bedrooms will have wood floor like downstairs. That will happen as soon as I get up the energy to completely rip and refinish the stairs, so it might be a while!
Our bedroom.... exciting, huh? Can't really see, but those are our trash the dress pictures that Sutography did for us for our ten year anniversary (a bit early). I LOVE those pictures! We hated our wedding pics so it is so much fun to have these unique ones on the wall. Next up in here is this awesome chandelier I've had my eye on for quite a while.

View #2, I'm not really sure why I felt the need to show this? Hi Lucas!

Jack's room- this room is so tiny, so when he outgrew the crib, we got him a loft bed. He sleeps really soundly and the rail is high, but it's still a little scary. He thinks it is SO cool though and loves his 'sports' room.

Neily's room! Her bed is my favorite thing in the room, it was a $15 find from Goodwill that I painted and just want to kiss it and steal it for myself! Her bed is missing the cutest part right now, her green and white striped quilt and sham, but just pretend you can see them and they look really cute, mmkay? On the left is the antique bassinette that she used as a baby, and now it houses her dolls.

Sorry for the loooooooong post, but you should know me by now. And it is my blog after all. ;)


Lindsay said...

SO CUTE! I love all of it. I can't wait to come see it in person :)

p.s. That was funny that you wrote that the rug was your favorite item and Sullivan had a little of it for breakfast. Well I guess not really funny but pretty ironic! I hope it is not ruined!

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, FUNNY. Ha. Ha. HA.

The Skwiat Family said...

I love it like I knew I would! You need no help from me! In the last nine years you have made such a nice cozy family home that is filled with tons of memories I am sure....that is what i miss from our last two houses and sometimes regret that we moved so many times! I love, love, love the black cabinets....good choice and LOL, the bannister was painted Black in my old house too! I also love the orange in family room and swear that we have the same yours from Bassett Furniture? I love the lamps on the sofa table too...the lamp arrangement you were telling me about? Did you guys do all the crown and wainscotting yourselves? Good work, we are going to have to start that after Nick finishes the basement. We have some of the same taste and it just makes me laugh that we have not hung out in like 6years and we still are so similar. It makes me miss you are one of the only friends who loves design almost as much as I do. If you need me for help I am always here, but from what i have've got it covered, Girl!

Darby said...


Adorable all of it!

I'm LOVING your black stair rail. I saw it black in the Martha Stewart KB homes here in Denver and wanted to come home and paint my KB stained banister black. Matt would KILL me. Did you do it yourself? How, tips tricks??

I think I'd LOVE that sun room for photos girl, so much light! Thanks for sharing.

ejenda said...

i agree with linds about the carpet.. lol.. but not really...

ive always thought your house was adorable but recently it has looked soooo finished and even mooooore adorable! i love you so much and cant wait to spend tons of time there over my breaks!