Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Doggy kindergarten for Sullivan!

Mr. Sullivan started doggy kindergarten yesterday! Sorry, no pics of that (it's a little hard to juggle a dog, two kids, treats, and a camera) but here are some of Sully and Neily playing together. He has proven to be a very good boy, but adopting a rescue dog comes with its own set of challenges (and rewards!), so off to obedience training we go!
Sully is a sweet, sweet boy, but he has had a rough few months bouncing from a puppy mill to a home and then from one rescue center to second. All he wants in life is to a little attention and to know that you won't leave him. He is calm, quiet and downright lazy when we're at home like normal, but when someone first comes in the house, he goes a bit crazy and jumps, nips, and gets very nosy. He is learning fast and hasn't jumped on anyone in a while, but we figured we needed a little outside help with him. He just needs to learn boundaries. He also has some separation anxiety and we're working on that. I took him to the vet for advice, and he suggested we try the crate again. Oy. I *want* him to be happy in the crate, but I'm not sure how far I'm willing to go to get there. Sullivan is totally potty trained but when he is left in the crate, he freaks out, whines then poos. I don't know how long I can take that. We did take his advice and are trying again, verrrrrrry slowly. So far, he's shocking me! Eddie called while I was out last night to tell me that Sully had VOLUNTARILY gotten in the crate to sleep. That certainly would not have been the case a month ago! Keep your fingers crossed that he continues to take to it, because Mama wants to keep all of her rugs in tact!
Here are some photos of Neils and Sullivan for your viewing pleasure:
Sully loves to look out the window. :)

Getting a belly rub...

The most handsome mutt you'll ever meet!
At his school, he did a fabulous job and we were very proud. He quickly listens when we ask him to sit, stay, down, and heel. He made everyone laugh with his 'down'- instead of just laying down, he flops down like he weighs 100 lbs and rolls onto his back. What a sweetheart! I'm surprised that he has learned so much so quickly and very proud of him. In his class, there was another goldendoodle named Zeke who was hilarious! He was only 3 1/2 months old and he was already HUGE. He is definitely going to give our buddy Edgar a run for his month, Zeke will easily reach 100 lbs. Zeke's 'mom' saw Sully and said, "Oh, maybe Zeke won't get much bigger!" and I looked at her and thought, 'Good luck, lady!' LOL!

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