Monday, November 10, 2008

Our 45 pound chicken

Sullivan may not be the brightest bulb in the box, folks. He sure is sweet, but he has run into our sliding doors a number of times and is completely petrified of our cat, Henry.
The funny thing about that is that Henry is the BIGGEST chicken there is! Most people don't even know that we have him, because he never, ever comes downstairs. If he hears the doorbell, he bolts. He is happy to be near us, but spends most of his life on our bed. He does like to torture Lucas, though. When we brought Sully home, we knew that Henry would have the hardest time adjusting, which he certainly did. I don't think he came downstairs to eat for three days. Then he started to venture down we he knew for sure that we had the dog corralled in the kitchen. One day, we decided to hold Henry and introduce the two of them in close quarters, hoping they would sniff each other and coexist. Let's just say it did not work that way. Henry FLIPPED out, gave Sullivan a few good whacks on the nose and then bolted. From that point on, Henry growled and hissed at Sully, and Sully turns and runs to the nearest corner and cowers until Henry is gone.
On top of that, Sully is a afraid of the stairs. Oh boy. Anyway, this weekend, he decided to venture up, and he turns the corner into our bedroom, all dopey and happy, ears flopping, tail wagging, and Henry immediately hisses and chases him. Sullivan high tailed it to the first 'safe' place he could find- the little space between the toilet and the wall in our bathroom. Dork! And he was NOT moving, he waited there for about twenty minutes, I started to think he was stuck. It's really quite sad that Sullivan doesn't realize he could eat Henry in one gulp!
* Edited to ask that you excuse the full trashcan in the bathroom. A person can only do so much. It was bugging me though and I couldn't crop it out. LOL!

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