Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy birthday Jack and Mommy

We have had a VERY busy summer, especially this last month. Sorry for the lack of updates, and I'm going to try and get a bunch of posts up all at once, so keep checking back today if you don't use Google Reader (and you'd better be using it, MOM!). They're probably going to be out of order, but get over it. ;)

Jack turned FIVE last week and I turned... you all know, don't make me say it. 30. In all seriousness, 30 does not bother me. I will say that when I realized I was "in my thirties" that sounded a little scary, though! I spent the last day of 29 counting off all of the amazing things that happened to me in my 20s. I got married, I turned 21 (haha), we had the beautiful baby girl I always wanted, I had the amazing baby boy that I didn't even KNOW how much I wanted (on my 25th birthday), and friendships began that will carry me throughout my lifetime. My favorite saying is "We don't remember days, we remember moments" and that was never more true than looking back on my 20s. I can remember bringing Neily home for the first time at 23 (!!!), the moment I first held Jack on my 25th birthday, seeing my sister get married and welcoming Phil into our family at 28, saying goodbye to Emmy and sending her off to college, taking the kids to Disney World, girls trips to Raleigh, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and New York, watching the World Trade towers fall on our second wedding anniversary, and losing my friend Paula to cancer. I smiled a lot and cried a little and now it's time for pictures of the little man's fifth birthday!

Jack waiting patiently to open his presents at Nana's house

Legos! He loves Legos! I'm ashamed to say that this set is still in the box because it's a daunting task to put together.

We got him his own tackle box and fishing pole, and I knew it would be a hit. We were right, it hasn't left his hands for a week!

Jack requested to go to Nana's house to swim and have quesadillas on his birthday, so I tricked him into turning his quesadilla request into tacos, so we both got what we wanted for our birthday! Mmm, a mexican feast with Nana's homemade corn shells.

My awesome gift from my parents, a vintage Polaroid. My mom started getting these for me a few years ago, and I have a small collection of old cameras, they are SO cool. This one is by far my favorite, it's so neat to look through the lens.

Mmm, cake! He wanted a soccer cake, and he saw this one at Costco and had to have it. It is supposed to feed 48 people, but oh well, we got it anyway!

The birthday buddies with my birthday key lime pie. Haha!


The Skwiat Family said...

I love it! You did thirty so much better than I, and I look back and wish I would have handled it so well. You are such an awesome chick and I am so glad we have reconnected....I am also so sad I missed so much of your twenties :( How did time fly so fast and we have kids who turned 5 this year?

Elizabeth said...

Don't feel bad, you'll be there when I freak out at 40!
It's so true that time flies, we realized the other day that we are closer to the teenager stage than the newborn stage, talk about scary!
I'm glad we've reconnected too. It will certainly make our thirties more interesting than most. ;)