Thursday, August 27, 2009

There she goes...

Neily is off to first grade! *sniff* I miss her so much and it's 9 o'clock in the morning! That's not good. She'll be gone until 3:40 every day, I just can't wrap my head around that. She has been SO excited all week, practically counting the hours, and then she had a meltdown yesterday afternoon and decided she didn't want to go. I think I'd said, "I'm going to miss you soooooo much" one too many times and she was really upset. She said she wanted me to homeschool her, to which I laughed out loud. I would be the WORST. Her teacher this year is Mrs. Stutzman, and I am in love with her already. She is everything a teacher should be, funny, warm, smart, loving. Neily loved her from the first minute. We were also really happy with her teaching philosophy. She's not a by the book teacher, and she is getting her master's in children's literacy, so she really believes that their overall academic success is dependent on a love of reading and reading well. Every subject that she teaches is based in reading, even math and science. Neily is a great reader so I think Mrs. Stutzman is a great match for her. The kids have their own desk this year and their own pencils and supplies. She also packs a lunch, which is hard to get used to! There are quite a few familiar faces in her classroom, and we laughed when we found out that Neily, Grace, and Ty are sitting in a row. That's not going to last long!

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