Friday, August 7, 2009

Hello Chicago!

This week, I took the kiddos up to Chicago to enjoy some beach time and just get a change of venue. Summer is almost over and we were running out of weekends, so I just went on my own with the kids. I felt a little guilty about taking a random 'vacation' without Eddie, but then I decided that dragging two kids around the city by myself and breaking up fights over sand toys is still work, even if we were in an awesome city! Neily and Jack love 'the city' and I think we should move there- I belong there, as told to me by a Facebook quiz, the source of truth. We spent the week exploring Aunt Lindsay's neighborhood, hitting the beach and enjoying each other. Most of the time. ;) For my birthday, I asked for a smaller point and shoot camera. I wanted something that I could always have with me and wouldn't be worried about dropping it, spilling on it, etc. I felt like we were missing out on some snapshots because I didn't want to/was worried about bringing my camera out. It has worked out great so far, I didn't have to worry about taking it to the beach or snapping shots around town.

On to picture overload!
At the lake:

Mmm, Scooters Ice Cream, don't feel sorry for Duncan, he got his cone first and wolfed it down, he was just being greedy:Jack and "Icky" at Giordano's. If I want straight up pizza, I don't really care for Chicago style, but pizza aside, it's GOOD stuff!

Night sky from under the awning in Grant Park

This was the first time we'd taken the kids to see the bean, they thought it was so neat.

Looking up into the middle

Now, I know the bean isn't going to go anywhere, but Lindsay and I both felt panicky when Jack (of course) tried to wedge himself underneath it. I still get chills thinking about it.

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