Saturday, August 22, 2009

We've been to Hilton Head so many times, but we had never been to (or even heard of!) Hunting Island. My friend said we had to go, and I am SO glad we did. For me, this was the highlight of the trip. The beaches were absolutely stunning. They were clean, open, and gorgeous! The shell hunting was at its best here. Jack was a little angry that we didn't actually swim here, we just let the kids collect shells and enjoy the water and sand. Once he got his shorts wet (which was fine with us), he was more than a little angry and wanted to leave. We had planned to be at the beach at sunset, and I packed outfits for a photo shoot with the kids. Those pictures will come later, I need to edit them! We changed them into the photo shoot clothes and when Jack got a tiny splash of water on THOSE shorts, he yelled, "Oh, MAN!" and never went near the water again. Neily loves water of any kind- she will jump in it, swim in it, surf in it, lounge in it, she is a beach bum. She is also quite the model and had more ideas than I did for her 'photo shoot'. We also climbed the lighthouse, which is higher than the Harbor Town Lighthouse, saw an 8 foot alligator roaming the park freely (yikes!), and took a long walk onto the marsh boardwalk to see the sunset and lots of wildlife. We saw a lot of crabs and met a couple 'crabbing' for their dinner! So cool, something we will try when the kids have more patience.

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