Friday, August 7, 2009

And this one doesn't belong to the Reds...

The night after my birthday, we went to the Reds game with Craig and Kate. We had AMAZING seats. We were about 15 rows up directly behind home plate, and we are forever ruined for any other seats at the ball park! The view was great, until of course the Reds started to play. They sure make it hard to remain a fan, but we'll keep trying. In all the years I've known Eddie, we have yet to see the Reds win a game in Cincinnati, and we've seen more than a few. The only time we can both recall them winning was a crazy 18-2 game at Coors Field when we lived in Denver. We did see two sets of back to back home runs, which was fun! After the game, we headed to Newport (like all good Cincinnatians, running out of the city) and met up with Eddie's cousin Beth. After two bars that failed our test, we ended up drinking the night away on the Purple People Bridge- genius! What an idea. Cincinnati has several bridges that span the river between Ohio and Kentucky, and the Purple People Bridge is now only for pedestrians, used as a way to get between Newport and downtown Cincy. They had a bar set up and some live music for a festival. We decided we'd pool our money, buy the bridge and name it Pennington's Purple People Pub, all welcome of course. The best laid plans are hatched after midnight on city bridges, I tell ya.

First, some pre game Chipotle. He wrote His and Hers on the wrappers instead of whatever, chicken 1 and chicken 2, which for some reason is really funny to me and I just might have this framed over our bed. Maybe not.
At the park

Eddie modeling Pennington's Purple People Pub's Purple chairs.

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Kelsy said...

Hey, it looks like they made up for the loss when they came to SF! lol
Matthew has yet to see the Giants win a game when we've gone too.
I love the his & her's picture! Looks like a fun night!