Friday, August 14, 2009

Hello from Hilton Head!

I promised the fam' a few updates from Hilton Head, so here is a peek at our first day. The drive went great yesterday, the kids only gave us a few 'Are we there yet?'s from the backseat, but luckily we had stolen enough of the Peters' and Russells' movie collections to keep them happy for the drive.
Look at what awaited us when we arrived in Hilton Head! An awesome rainbow! This is taken with the little point and shoot and doesn't do it justice, it was really bright and clear.

We drove into the community to find this gorgeous sunset. I soooo badly wanted to make it to the beach on time to take advantage of it, but we didn't quite make it.

Today we hit the beach even though the sky looked a little threatening. When we first got there, it drizzled on us for about an hour and then it was all blue skies and beautiful- just enough of a breeze to keep us cool. We couldn't ask for more than that!
We got the kids body boards and it's probably going to be the best $20 we spend on this trip. They absolutely loved it. Neily was pretty good at it, she looked like a little surfer girl. Every time I see her, I think she grows a little older. :( She has really lost that baby look and she looks like a little tween now. I can't stand it!

Jack was convinced that the best way to surf was to throw himself AT the wave and nothing we could do was going to stop him. Finally, he tossed the board on the sand and said, "It's broken," and just went on jumping in the waves.
Daddy getting in on the action

When the tide came up, we built a little river to suck some of the water away from the waves, and I told Eddie, "Take my picture with them so I can prove that I actually got dirty and played in the sand when they don't remember!" Before he did it, this sweet lady asked us if we would like a picture of the four of us, of which we have about 2! Um, SURE!

Lots of fun so far! We went out to dinner and then rode around in the golf cart to see the whole neighborhoos. Suffice to say Daddy is not a safe golf cart driver! Jack told him, "Move over, I'll drive, Dad!" and he was serious. We saw an alligator on the lagoon, and we all stopped and ogled. Jack seemed a little unimpressed, which was weird to me. As we drove away, we said, "Wasn't that cool, Jack? Did you ever think you'd see an alligator that close in a neighborhood?" and he said, "Wait... are you guys talking about the birds?" Um, no. We asked again if he'd seen the alligator, and he said, "The alligator bird?" See, I TOLD Eddie we should have renewed our zoo pass this summer!

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