Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hilton Head

More from our trip to Hilton Head! We are back in the real world and really missing the beach, but we are ready to get back to school and be normal again.
We took the kids to Lawton Stables with the intention of letting them ride the horses, but when they didn't notice that it was an option, we didn't offer! How mean are we?! They still loved it and we took our $100 and had dinner out instead. *snicker* After the stables, we walked around Harbor Town and checked out the boats, climbed the lighthouse, and ate at our family favorite, the Crazy Crab. Don't ask why we like it so much there, it's basically the equivalent of Red Lobster but it's family friendly and a tradition with a great view! Jack took a picture with the statue of the founder of Harbor Town. Anyone who knows Jack knows how much he loves Halloween, ghosts, and anything associated with the 'creepy'. Well, he saw this man's plaque and statue and immediately wanted to know if he was dead, was he buried there, etc. He was very interested and probably would have stayed there checking it out for hours! I guess that's weird, but he just likes it! Oh, Jack. We also did just a little bit of shell hunting before we left, it was HOT and Mommy got very cranky. Eddie showed me this new slideshow tool, it's pretty neat! It will cycle through the photos for you, or you can click them individually. The only thing I'm not sure of is that it doesn't allow me micromanage and tell you about each and every photo.... *gasp!* How will you survive if you don't read about the goat standing on the house or Neily posing in the lighthouse?!

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