Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our trip to see the Florence Freedom!

On our big summer to do list, we had a planned a trip to see the Reds. Since the Reds are in first place (woohoo!) it's next to impossible to get good seats, and we didn't think the kids would enjoy nosebleed seats. We decided to hit the Florence Freedom instead. They're a minor league team in the area, and we've been told they were a great family friendly spot. They did not disappoint! The kids enjoyed being so close to the field, all the kid zones they had set up, and even got autographs!

The Florence Freedom mascots, Liberty and Belle

What's a baseball game without the sugar?

Batting practice


Great seats!

Scrambling for the foul ball... that came no where NEAR us.

This is definitely something we'll be doing again! They were so into it, because they could actually SEE the game and watch the plays. So much fun!

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