Sunday, March 14, 2010


That's what things have been around here- KRAZY! We have been so busy, lots of picture taking but not much posting, no time! We started off March by heading to the kids school for Krazy Karnival. This is an annual event that they look forward to every year. This is the third year we've attended, and this year, Neily and I worked at the Karnival as volunteers as well.
This year's Krazy Karnival will be a day I'll always remember. We had a really fun day as a family and I really enjoyed working at the company. Neily got up that morning and put on her Kings sweatshirt. I don't know exactly how to explain the way I felt watching her that day. Some of it was pride- I was so proud of her, she knows everyone, said hi to all of her friends, all the teachers knew her, she seemed confident and happy at school. Some of it was just plain happiness, I know I sound so sappy over a carnival and a sweatshirt, but maybe if you're a mom, you understand. I felt like we really belonged here. We've put down roots in this neighborhood, I knew the other moms. Seeing her in her school colors just really hit home, made me think about the memories that we are creating for them every day. One day (sooner than I would like to think!), she will be remember stories about her elementary school days and I hope that she looks back on them as fondly as I do on my own childhood.
Okay, on to the pictures! ;)

A little Barn Door Booty

Neily's teacher dressed up for the Pick A Pocket game- we *heart* Mrs. Stutzman!

Neily showing off her piece selected for the art show! She was so proud to have this in the show and even more proud when we decided that we would purchase the piece from the show to keep at home forever. Her face lit up. ;)

Too cute, playing the penguin toss!

Oh look! They won fish. We let them play the game never imagining that they'd both sink shots and win fish. Neily's is named Lindsey Vonn, and Jack's was Halfpipe. That's right... was. Halfpipe didn't make it a full week, we'll be purchasing a new one soon.

Cake Walk!

Already looking forward to the next Krazy Karnival! I feel bad that I mostly ended up with pictures of Neily! If you have ever been to a busy event with Jack, then you know getting him to look at you at any point is just not going to happen.