Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I sat down to the computer all prepared to upload our pictures from our trip to Shaw Farms... after I uploaded three, I looked and realized I already WROTE that post. OY. It's been that kind of week.
So... next post! We carved our pumpkins last night. Jack and Neily loooooove Halloween, particularly Jack, and a favorite movie lately has been the Nightmare Before Christmas. We decided to carve our pumpkins to look like Jack Skellington and the Boogie Man.

Neily was not impressed with the innards of a pumpkin at first.

After the pumpkins were cleaned out, the kids completely lost interest and we were left to do the carving. Keeping it real, this is what the kids were doing while we were slaving away over the little details.

But they appreciated the final product! We're going to keep them inside for now because... you never know. ;)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Shaw Farms

Every year, we try to get out to our favorite pumpkin patch, Shaw Farms. I am convinced that Shaw Farms is the best in the city! They have so much for kids to do, activities and fun things to play, horse and tractor rides, a corn maze, the list is endless. After looking at our calendar, we realized that we had exactly one afternoon that we could make it out to the pumpkin patch before Halloween, so we jumped on it. It was crowwwwwwwded, but always fun.

Being the good parent that I am, I snapped this picture of the sign as I let Jack *RUN* *UNsupervised* through the maze.
Yummy homemade apple butter in the store

Jack spied his name on this wagon full of baby pumpkins (did you know that those little pumpkins were actually called Jack Be Littles? I had no idea and for our lover of all things Halloween, he was thrilled!).
Jack put Neily in jail and she was not happy, LOL!

Neily took Daddy for a ride in the tractor

Mmm, caramel apples!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The soccer season is coming to an end...

And it can't come soon enough! Whew. I think we are soccer'd out this season. In the spring, we'll try a new sport. Jack has really enjoyed it but Neily is ready to move on to something bigger and better.
Here are some action shots- I wish they were larger so you could see that Jack has his tongue stuck out in EVERY shot. LOL!

Go Jack!

I'm open! I'm open!

Getting a mid-game pep talk.
Neily on a corner kick

Jack trying to stay warm at Neily's early game, I think the high was 40 that day and we had a 10am game. Brrrrr!

This past Saturday, the other team that Jack was supposed to be playing was a no-show. The kids were so disappointed, all ready to go in their gear, so the dads and siblings decided to organize a game against the kids. They loved it! Neily was nice enough to 'take it easy' on them.

Friday, October 16, 2009

We are alive! ;)

Yes, I'm still here. We are all safe and sound. The past two months have been seriously busy and we have barely had a second to breathe. We are doing a lot, but honestly, I am not taking a lot of pictures for two reasons- 1) I am tired of taking pictures this time of year and 2) I am trying to BE there at family events and enjoy them instead of feeling like I'm always waiting for a shot. I stopped taking the camera out of the car at soccer games for this very reason. Life lately has consisted of me booked back to back to back with sessions, soccer games, soccer practice, another soccer game, and ripping the upstairs floor apart. We don't have time to be blinking, let alone blogging. Just to prove we are here, happy, and that we ARE doing fun things when we have the chance, here are some pictures of our trip to Disney on Ice. My mom and I took the kids a few weeks ago and they loved it. I was worried they might be too old for it, but honestly, they were at a great age! They appreciated it much more this year than when they went as toddlers. We saw countless 2ish year olds being carried out asleep by their parents and I thought how much that ticket price would sting if your kid slept through it! LOL!

The view from our seats before the show- we had GREAT seats and a great view!

The kids with Nana before the show. Always good to bring a Nana, because she buys all the stuff Mommies won't, like snow cones in overpriced cups, cotton candy, and Micky binoculars.

The Small World tribute, it made me so excited!
Grand finale with all of the characters

Everyone's favorites! Mickey and Minnie :)