Saturday, September 27, 2008

If we get a dog....

Do we have to change the name of the blog? What do you think?

This is Mr. Sammy:

And this is Zuma:

I know, I know... I don't even like dogs. But that damn Duncan got to me, he's so cute! And I figured that he could use a cousin, right, Linds? They can play. I've been on a mission to find the perfect dog, but I won't go to a breeder or store. Ever since I saw the Oprah about puppy mills back in April, I've really wanted to rescue a dog. I think the kids are old enough now. Plus, Eddie is so against it that I want it even more. LOL! I think he's screwing with me though, he wants one and won't admit it. At least a little!
Sammy is a golden doodle and Zuma is a poodle. They're both cute, doncha think? Sammy is VERY well trained and I'd prefer his size (I don't like little dogs), but I have a feeling he's a hot commodity. I was one of the first to fax an application, so we'll see. Poor little Zuma is waiting for a home and is just a bit smaller. I haven't pursued any dogs quite as much as these two- most of the ones I've found I thought, 'oh, they're cute' and moved on, but these guys got to me. I hope they both end up with good homes, and if we are lucky enough to be one, yay!

Supah- stah!

It's Neily the soccer star! ;) We got back to business with the Orange Firefoxes today after being on vacation for the last game. Neily could not WAIT to get out on the field. She was a girl on a mission today- she had a whole cheering section to impress! Nana, Papa, Emmy and her roommate Mikela were all here to watch her. She meant business, ALL over the ball! (That's what she said!) I can't believe how she just gets right in there, I was so proud of her today. I know I'm her mom and I know I don't know anything about soccer, but she seems really good! I really thought today was going to be her day for a goal, but the game ended up scoreless (a far cry from our spring team where we were blowing out the competition 6-0 every game!). I could tell she was disappointed but I meant it when I told her we thought she did an awesome job! She really seems to have a love for soccer and swimming, it will be interesting to see which she decides to keep up with as she gets older. Here are some pics of the girl!Arguably the best part of the game, the tunnel afterwards! Always so cute to see their faces!

Meanwhile, Jack was...

Sweet cracker sandwich, who gave this kid sugar? Good God, son, pace yourself.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Papa's Muffins

Jack and I made Papa's famous blueberry muffins! I don't care WHAT Papa says, cooking is not easy, nothing ever turns out right for me! He is the Grandma Kathryn of the Pennington family, I think- he must be leaving out ingredients or telling us the wrong proportions so we'll keep thinking he is the best chef! ;) LOL!
They turned out okay, but not the same. Jack didn't really notice, but Neily took one bite of what I told her were "Papa's muffins" and said, "Did Papa bring these himself? Because they really don't taste like his." She's too smart for me. And a little ungrateful. Haha!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

T minus 2 days and COUNTING!

Only 2 more full days until DISNEYWORLD, folks! We are giddy around here. Well, two of us are. The little people still don't know that we're going and won't know until we get to the airport on Sunday morning! ;) I was snuggling with Neily today and couldn't resist whispering, "If we were at Disney World right now, what would you be doing?" Her answer was "Peter Pan!" I know what Jack's answer would be. Haunted Mansion!!!! My answer was Jungle Cruise or Whispering Canyon Cafe, which I was happily surprised that Neily remembered immediately (since we have reservations there!). I think Eddie's answer would be Soarin'. That's a family favorite.
We are struggling to get everything done in time and pare down our monstrous suitcases, so if I am MIA, that's why. The husband and I are heading out tonight under the guise of going out for our anniversary dinner to pick up last minute "stuff".
I have been so excited these last few days, scurrying around to get things done all while keeping a big secret. I wish the kids were old enough to hang on to the memory of this for their entire life, I hope they will remember most of it. I wish they understood time more, so that they could really understand what a huge undertaking this has been and how long we've been planning it. I hope they are so excited they practically fall out of their chairs!
On Sunday, we will arrive at the airport by 7:30 (knock on wood please) and board the plane at 9:05. At 11:20, we'll touch down in Orlando and make a mad dash to our hotel then it's on to the parks! That very night, we have dinner with the princesses in Epcot, and I cannot wait!
I definitely cannot wait to see THIS face again. ;)

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Jack was all ready for Who Dey Day today! I'm not sure who was more excited to don the jersey, Eddie or Jack. We have some jerseys that are hopefully about to become collector's items soon, if the NFL will just stop whining and let Chad Ocho Cinco wear his new jersey. LOL!
So far, we're just hoping for a decent season- anything more than that will be a happy surprise. The opening fumble gave us a little hope- and of course, that was answered by an interception, so we'll have to see!
Pizza rolls in the oven, hot wings in the crockpot, smells like Sunday around here!

Jack and Lucas

Jack has always had a very strong interest in Lucas, and now that's he's older, he wants to play with him a lot. Lucas keeps a pretty good attitude about it, letting Jack chase him (LOL), wrap him up in blankets, and snuggle with him. Lucas seems to have finally given up on the idea that the kids are going to disappear one day- he must know they're not going anywhere, because he has finally relented and sits on their laps and sleeps on Neily's bed right up next to her.
Jack decided to have a snuggle with Lucas on Friday, and Lucas being the good sport he is, tolerated it for about ten minutes. If cats could talk, I'm pretty sure Lucas would spew a lot of dirty words in my direction.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Off to Raleigh....

I'm leaving early tomorrow morning to say goodbye to one of the most amazing women I have ever known. One of my very best friends, Paula, has lost her battle with cancer. Words simply cannot express how devastated I am that this world will not have her in it. I can't begin to comprehend how her children are ever going to know how wonderful she was and what they meant to her. Paula's family was everything to her and I hope that those of us she left behind can remind Hannah and Peyton of that every day. My biggest fear is that they won't have any real memories of her but I hope that we can be there on their special days to tell them funny stories about her and the things she used to love doing with them. The plane ride to Raleigh will be a tough one, but once I am there, I will be lucky enough to be surrounded by some of my closest friends and we can get through the day together. Although it will be comforting to see them and be with them, I just can't imagine us sitting in our hotel room without her there alongside us. I miss her giggle and her soft voice. I miss all of her little quick witted remarks- the best ones were the ones that hit you later, or the ones where you had to check her face to see if she was serious or not. I believe something inside of Paula knew that she wasn't meant to be here forever, as much as she wanted it not to be true- she knew. She lived her life differently and saw beauty in things that most people missed. She soaked every experience up and remembered everything. I will forever be sorry that I didn't get to say goodbye to her, that I didn't get to talk to her one last time. But I will never pass a Chick-Fil-A without thinking of her sweet tea. I will never be able to pass up a Red Vine at a movie theater, and I will never... EVER be able to eat a banana popsicle with a straight face.
I love you, my PK. Rest in peace and please watch over us all. Remind us each and every day how lucky we are to be here and how lucky we were to know you.

Jack's first day of school!

Waiting for the bus to arrive, the standard by the door shot!

Sorry the layout is all screwed up. I'm tired and don't feel like fixing it, but I wanted to get these up here. Today we sent Jack off for his (second) first day of school! He is attending the same school as last year, as we were all happy with the situation last year. We did have a chance to put him in Neily's school, but after talking with his teachers, everyone felt it was best for him to stay put and enjoy another year at KEC. This little guy was a FAR CRY from the one we sent to preschool last September! Last year's little boy had a rough time. He cried every day for two months as the bus drove away and fell asleep on the way home each afternoon. THIS year, he ran down the driveway as fast as he could and jumped right on the bus, introducing himself to the drivers. He was very excited. He was also able to ride the bus home, which was a new system that worked out GREAT! He was waving and smiling as the bus drove away, and he was waving and smiling when the bus brought him home, just what a mom likes to see! He jumped off that bus this afternoon and gave me the biggest hug, I will never forget it. I said, 'How was your day, buddy?' and he yelled, "AWESOME!" ;) Daddy got the same response when he asked about his day later. I am hopeful for a great year. Maybe he was just a little too little last year, or maybe he is just used to it now that Neily goes too. Or maybe he was just ready to ditch me after a very long summer. LOL!
Check this out- last year and this year! Look how big he is! And apparently I have a very distinct opinion of what he should wear on the first day of school, LOL!!! That was not on purpose, I assure you. And they are not the same clothes, either!