Friday, June 4, 2010

Goodbye, 1st grade!!!!

This post comes with a heavy heart. I am genuinely sad to see first grade end. Neily has had a wonderful year and a wonderful teacher that I don't want to let go! We feel very fortunate that Neily had Mrs. Stutzman this year, it was truly a gift. Neily went to bed crying last night because she was so sad to say goodbye. I didn't have much to offer her, because I have shed tears as well! I did tell her that she is lucky to have been in her class and that Mrs. Stutzman will never forget her. Luckily, Mrs. Stutzman has a daughter just a year younger than Neily, so I know that we will see her often. I look forward to the day the girls might become friends and play sports together. That didn't do much to make her feel better, but she'll make it through today.
I sent her off with a heavy heart because so much has changed this year. Just by looking at the pictures, it's obvious. She's grown a mile and lost any trace of that 'little girl' look that she had left. I see her getting into things like music, jewelry, clothing, and friends. She's growing up and I just can't stop it. I wish I could freeze her right here, this age is magical to me. She is a person all of her own making.

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