Thursday, September 11, 2008

T minus 2 days and COUNTING!

Only 2 more full days until DISNEYWORLD, folks! We are giddy around here. Well, two of us are. The little people still don't know that we're going and won't know until we get to the airport on Sunday morning! ;) I was snuggling with Neily today and couldn't resist whispering, "If we were at Disney World right now, what would you be doing?" Her answer was "Peter Pan!" I know what Jack's answer would be. Haunted Mansion!!!! My answer was Jungle Cruise or Whispering Canyon Cafe, which I was happily surprised that Neily remembered immediately (since we have reservations there!). I think Eddie's answer would be Soarin'. That's a family favorite.
We are struggling to get everything done in time and pare down our monstrous suitcases, so if I am MIA, that's why. The husband and I are heading out tonight under the guise of going out for our anniversary dinner to pick up last minute "stuff".
I have been so excited these last few days, scurrying around to get things done all while keeping a big secret. I wish the kids were old enough to hang on to the memory of this for their entire life, I hope they will remember most of it. I wish they understood time more, so that they could really understand what a huge undertaking this has been and how long we've been planning it. I hope they are so excited they practically fall out of their chairs!
On Sunday, we will arrive at the airport by 7:30 (knock on wood please) and board the plane at 9:05. At 11:20, we'll touch down in Orlando and make a mad dash to our hotel then it's on to the parks! That very night, we have dinner with the princesses in Epcot, and I cannot wait!
I definitely cannot wait to see THIS face again. ;)

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Lindsay said...

I bet they were so excited when they got off the plane! They are going to remember it forever- "Remember the time Mom and Dad woke us up really early and less than 6 hours later we were in Disney World?!"
Love you!