Saturday, September 27, 2008

If we get a dog....

Do we have to change the name of the blog? What do you think?

This is Mr. Sammy:

And this is Zuma:

I know, I know... I don't even like dogs. But that damn Duncan got to me, he's so cute! And I figured that he could use a cousin, right, Linds? They can play. I've been on a mission to find the perfect dog, but I won't go to a breeder or store. Ever since I saw the Oprah about puppy mills back in April, I've really wanted to rescue a dog. I think the kids are old enough now. Plus, Eddie is so against it that I want it even more. LOL! I think he's screwing with me though, he wants one and won't admit it. At least a little!
Sammy is a golden doodle and Zuma is a poodle. They're both cute, doncha think? Sammy is VERY well trained and I'd prefer his size (I don't like little dogs), but I have a feeling he's a hot commodity. I was one of the first to fax an application, so we'll see. Poor little Zuma is waiting for a home and is just a bit smaller. I haven't pursued any dogs quite as much as these two- most of the ones I've found I thought, 'oh, they're cute' and moved on, but these guys got to me. I hope they both end up with good homes, and if we are lucky enough to be one, yay!

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The Skwiat Family said...

I am so jealous! I so want a Golden Doodle! My mom has Standard Poodles and they are awesome dogs!!! They swim, they play, they are great with kids and they don't shed like our Ms. Keeli does, even though I would not trade her for the world!!! Good luck and a little tip I have learned from other dog owners, girl dogs sometimes are a little more docile and have the mommy instinct with the kiddos. Keeli has been known to herd our Elle back into our yard if she wanders!