Saturday, September 27, 2008

Supah- stah!

It's Neily the soccer star! ;) We got back to business with the Orange Firefoxes today after being on vacation for the last game. Neily could not WAIT to get out on the field. She was a girl on a mission today- she had a whole cheering section to impress! Nana, Papa, Emmy and her roommate Mikela were all here to watch her. She meant business, ALL over the ball! (That's what she said!) I can't believe how she just gets right in there, I was so proud of her today. I know I'm her mom and I know I don't know anything about soccer, but she seems really good! I really thought today was going to be her day for a goal, but the game ended up scoreless (a far cry from our spring team where we were blowing out the competition 6-0 every game!). I could tell she was disappointed but I meant it when I told her we thought she did an awesome job! She really seems to have a love for soccer and swimming, it will be interesting to see which she decides to keep up with as she gets older. Here are some pics of the girl!Arguably the best part of the game, the tunnel afterwards! Always so cute to see their faces!

Meanwhile, Jack was...

Sweet cracker sandwich, who gave this kid sugar? Good God, son, pace yourself.

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