Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jack's first day of school!

Waiting for the bus to arrive, the standard by the door shot!

Sorry the layout is all screwed up. I'm tired and don't feel like fixing it, but I wanted to get these up here. Today we sent Jack off for his (second) first day of school! He is attending the same school as last year, as we were all happy with the situation last year. We did have a chance to put him in Neily's school, but after talking with his teachers, everyone felt it was best for him to stay put and enjoy another year at KEC. This little guy was a FAR CRY from the one we sent to preschool last September! Last year's little boy had a rough time. He cried every day for two months as the bus drove away and fell asleep on the way home each afternoon. THIS year, he ran down the driveway as fast as he could and jumped right on the bus, introducing himself to the drivers. He was very excited. He was also able to ride the bus home, which was a new system that worked out GREAT! He was waving and smiling as the bus drove away, and he was waving and smiling when the bus brought him home, just what a mom likes to see! He jumped off that bus this afternoon and gave me the biggest hug, I will never forget it. I said, 'How was your day, buddy?' and he yelled, "AWESOME!" ;) Daddy got the same response when he asked about his day later. I am hopeful for a great year. Maybe he was just a little too little last year, or maybe he is just used to it now that Neily goes too. Or maybe he was just ready to ditch me after a very long summer. LOL!
Check this out- last year and this year! Look how big he is! And apparently I have a very distinct opinion of what he should wear on the first day of school, LOL!!! That was not on purpose, I assure you. And they are not the same clothes, either!

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Lindsay said...

that is funny about the outfit! He clearly has gotten more stylish over the year-- I mean, the large polo horse is so IN!

Love you!