Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Craziness!

I hope that I remember this post when NEXT Valentine's Day rolls around! I asked Neily what kind of Valentines she wanted to make for her class, and she wanted these little iPods made from Sweetheart boxes and peanut butter cups. Jack, of course, jumped on board. Okay! So cute, right?! Easy, right? I'll be supermom, right?!
Not so much.
For starters, you can buy a box of Valentines for $3. I ran into my friend in Target lamenting that she needed 28 and they only came in boxes of 24, so she was frustrated that she was going to have to spend extra. This should have been the first alarm to go off in my head and tell me that this was way too much effort! But instead, I spent $24 on the boxes of Sweethearts (yes! You read that correctly, we needed 8 boxes at $3 each). Normal, sane people would have seen that alone and decided to bag the whole idea. Then the peanut butter cups were $12, I needed 3 bags. I was out of foil (okay, maybe that doesn't really count). I am happy to say that I tapped into my frugal side and used string I already had. Go me!

Next step- assembling the pieces. It's not hard, but tedious. WAY too tedious for Jack, that's for sure. He lost interest in about ten seconds and left me to assemble the rest of his Valentines.

Neily was slightly more helpful. ;)

The finished products- cute, but not cute enough to warrant the time and money spent. And to top it off, at one point, I muttered, "This is ridiculous. Next year it's Star Wars out of a box," to which Jack exclaimed, "Star Wars?!? I want those!" I had to restrain myself a little. ;)

Neily's Valentine box for her classmates, she worked very hard! My favorite part was the little "Thank you!" I thought it was very sweet and very much showed her personality that she would think ahead to put a thank you sign on her bucket.

So, in the end, learn from me and buy them from Target! I wish I could say that this was a sweet, fun experience that we shared, crafting these up together, but it really wasn't. They lost interest really quickly and it just wasn't worth it. If they had enjoyed it, I would have at least had that on my side, but they mostly just whined about how long it took! Ha!

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Darby said...

So so cute!!!!!!! And WAY cute red apron in the background.