Monday, February 1, 2010

Roller Derby, here we come!

Well, maybe that's a stretch.....
My friends and I took the kids roller skating a few weeks ago- all kids from 3-7. It was hilarious, stressful and fun! Neily loved it, but she had the benefit of having been to a roller skating party not too long before we went. Jack had never been and let's just say he didn't pick it up that quickly! He couldn't quite get the hang of it and his balance got the better of him. Luckily, none of the boys were exactly stellar, so they had some good laughs. He wanted to give up for a while, but we bribed them with a snack break. A few Slushies and a candy bar, and everyone was happy again. Poor Jack finally got the hang of it about 20 minutes before open skate ended. He has been asking to go back over and over again. I think we should have earned some brownie points from the dads for going it alone on this outing. A spa day, maybe?

The girls giving us a pose

Sweet Neily helping Jack along

Jack and Evan spent a lot of time like this! Once they realized that they were both doing it, it became a game and they laughed about it.

All the kids

Aaaand two seconds after that, haha!

The Mommies, not bad for a 6 year old photographer!

Jack took this one of Neily and I

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